ASCII Graph Tool

"A picture is worth a thousand words ", sometimes it is hard to express myself clearly when trying to write down customer's requirement. A graph comes very handy. it is especially true when i am dealing with work flows. 

i used to keep a different word file for the project requirement, but it is still annoying to  switch between IDE and the Word

the best solution for me would be to embed the user requirement direct into the comment portion of my code, so that whenever i open the IDE i can see what is the requirement 

but manipulating Graphs-alike ASCII codes are pain in arse 

then i turned to google search for a suitable tool, but to my surprise, there is none! 

then i come up with my own program to deal with it 

the best part of it is you do not need to keep a 3rd party file format, like .doc, .uml etc you just copy and paste for any text file, then there u go 

Download the attached AsciiGraph.jar file, it is a java program, normally you should be able to open it by double clicking, or you can type the command "java -jar  PATH_TO_UR_DOWNLOAD\AsciiGraph.jar"

There is a brief Help menu about the instructions 

You can open/save any text file

the source tab is for copy-paste

Dapeng Liu,
Apr 1, 2010, 11:20 PM
Dapeng Liu,
Apr 1, 2010, 11:21 PM